Who Is Whoo

Corporate Overview

WHOORADIO is an internet broadcasting service for business and entertainment companies to promote on and through our “subscription based” portals. Memberships will entitle you to view and post advertisements, create coupons and sell media content through our on-demand or live Pay-To-View service; as well as obtain residual income from referrals and our partnership programs. We are committed to quality broadcasting and marketing, focused on creating a medium for positive spirituality and fulfillment, by providing media and information to the world through the soul of internet. WhooRadio is driven to excellence in producing an abundance of content, commerce and community.

Business Development

Our WHOO-Team are information management and technical marketing specialists for today’s business and technical conscious consumers internationally. By connecting to a wide variety of service and retail businesses including government, Whooradio is a technical resource partner that focuses on increasing data management and productivity materials while decreasing inefficiency. This is accomplished by an innovative technical infrastructure that composes of Business, Marketing, Multi-Media and Information Technology managers and engineers to address major components of business development, web-based solutions and media production to support all platforms. Contact our WHOOTeam for more information: info@whooradio.com


WhooRadio provides marketing opportunities, research and solutions to companies seeking creative exposure to reach valued communities.

  • (1) Whooradio offers “no cost” advertising to preferred entertainment and business providers by innovatively promoting their services to our elite membership. Active members can access on the spot discounts and special benefits through Whooradio and WHOOAPP (Android Only) (Link)
  • (2) Whooradio can broadcast your event “Live” on location to online viewers from anywhere. We seek positive, elite and interesting events to connect with our online members and corporate sponsors. We provide digital media coverage and giveaways to onsite patrons and more! For more information or to become a sponsor: info@whooradio.com
  • (3) WHOO-Internships - Our Mobile Multimedia Institute for Transitional Education (MMITE) internship provide an educational pathway intended to increase the relevance of real world business and technician modern practices to communities, that guarantees an increased number of students entering the work force with enhanced competencies. It introduces young adults to a wide variety business management, social media/internet marketing, multimedia design and production, web-based and software development activities. For more information: mmite@whooradio.com